Are Keating & Co. Condiments Vegan friendly?

Most of our products are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.

The Reaper contains Honey and may not be suitable for Vegans.

Make sure you check out labels before consuming.


Are Keating & Co. Condiments gluten free?

All of our products are gluten free, they are suitable for coeliac and those with gluten free diets.


Do you ship Internationally?

We do not currently ship internationally at the moment, this is something we will consider in the near future.


How hot are your sauces?

All of Keating & Co. Condiments sauces range in spice, with Jalapeno Jitman on the mild end, and The Firebird as the hottest with an extreme heat rating.

You can find this rating on the side of the bottle and one our products page.


How can I stock Keating & Co. Condiments in my store?

To request a sample box or find out details and wholesale price listings, please contact us at


Can you guarantee that all produce used in your products are 100% Australian?

Not all of our products contain 100% Australian Ingredients. These are noted on each bottle and on product pages.

We guarantee that the following products do use 100% Australian ingredients including Salt, Vinegar and Sugar;

Jalapeno Jitman, Mand Mango, Cap'n Cayenne, Cherry Champion, The X-Turmninator, The Reaper, Pickled Jitman, Mello Rello, Pickled Jalapeno

What do you charge for shipping? And what can you do about damaged goods?

We have a standard shipping cost of $10.00 per order for anywhere in Australia.

Different shipping methods will apply for wholesale orders which can be discussed.

For any damaged goods on delivery please email and we can organise a new delivery for you free of charge.