Hot Sauce

Keating & Co. Condiment’s Hot Sauce range was developed with the vision of using fresh and local ingredients to make the most flavoursome products.

With primarily using fresh Australian grown ingredients, Keating & Co. delivers an exceptionally fresh tasting Hot Sauce with a spicy kick.

Our Hot Sauce range artwork is designed by Sahil Shah

JalpeNo Jitman


Jalapeño, Onion, Lime, Coriander

Keating and Co’s answer to the Incredible Hulk.

A smart pairing of bright Jalapeño, refreshing Coriander, and the earthy undertones of Onion and Zesty Lime.

The Jalapeño Jitman delivers a thunderclap to the senses with the smooth heat of the Jalapeño and a punch in the face of the citrus Lime.

The Jalapeño Jitman range has now extended it's flavour into Pickled Jalapenos and Jalapeno & Lime Salt.


Cap'n cayenne


Cayenne, Tomato, Onion, Habanero, Garlic

The Cap’n combines the classic pairing of Tomato, Onion and Garlic with the fiery heat of Cayenne and tied in a bow with a fruity Habanero kick.

Cap’n Cayenne will bring you meals back to life with a fiery vengeance.

The Cap’n will soon become a staple in your kitchen.

Cherry Champion


Sir Cherinald, hailing from the Rose Family of the Rosales Order, was granted the highest rank of Champion. Thus, The Cherry Champion was born, proving that the Stone Fruits are the hero’s we have been long missing in the Hot Sauce kingdom.

Championing the sweet-tart Cherry, complimented by the sweet and sour Apricot and given a breath of fiery Birdseye Chilli.

Take the quest to return to medieval times where Stone Fruits ruled!

The X-Turminator


Keating Co.’s party shirt of Hot Sauces, The X-Turminator delivers an exciting new tropical taste sensation of Pineapple combined with musky flavours of Turmeric and floral Habanero. The X-Turminator throws you into the tropics with subtle flavours of zesty Lemon, earthy Ginger and colourful Ground Turmeric.

Already being hailed as a futuristic step into Keating & Co.'s Hot Sauce range

 The X-Turminator will take you on a journey to save your next meal from mediocrity.

Mad mango


Mango, Habanero, Carrot, Onion, Lemon

Keating and Co’s legendary Mad Mango.

Combining the flavours of the floral and intense Habanero,
unique Carrot, zesty Lemon and sweet Mango.

Mad Mango delivers a taste sensation starting with sweetness and continuing with a long burn.

Mad Mango will not disappoint.

The Reaper


Journeying between Hell and Earth since the beginning of time, The Reaper truly mastered the art of flavour.

The Reaper serves The Seven Levels of Flavour in a masterful concoction, selfishly known simply as The Reaper.

Through the dark sweet flesh of the Queen Garnet Plum,
The textured Purple Sweet Potato,
The fruity, yet intense spice of the Carolina Reaper
The morish Australian Bush Honey
The depth of the earthy Ginger
The distinct taste and smell of Garlic
and The Reaper's secret Spice mix 

The incredible flavours from The Seven Levels of Hell gives you a sauce pumped full of flavour with a roundhouse kick to the head with its intensified heat.

The Firebird

The Firebird


Keating and Co’s twist on the ‘super hot’, The Firebird use the extreme heat from Trinidad Scorpion, Carolina Reaper and Birdseye to create a delicious yet spicy treat. Coming in 5th place at the Mr Chilli Awards 2022, The Firebird makes some cry and some sweat but makes everyone want more. Warning! It’s got a bit on it!

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